Acceptance of Terms

By using or accessing our website teplates and services, users agree to terms and conditions set forwards by Eegens Theme. This section includies accepting and acknowledgeing the guidelines and responsibilities outlines in our terms of service before accessing and utilizing our theme and after sell service.

  • User Agreement: Actually our user agreement establishes with the legal framework between user of our website templates and Egens theme. It clarilfy the rights, obligations and limitations of both parties regaring the use of our templates, mutual understanding of expectations and ensuring transparency.
  • Compliance Requirments: Users must follow rules when using our templates. This includes abiding by our policy and guidelines in addition to any applicable laws, rules, regulations, and ethical standards to maintain the integrity and security of our services.

Intellectual Property Rights

At Egens Theme we protect and value our intellectual property rights. This involves preserving the originality and creativity of our templates and making sure they are protected against unauthorized use or duplication by abiding by relavent copyright laws and regulations.

  • Ownership of Templates: All templates made by Egens Theme are fully owned by us. This ensure to our clients that they get unique and high-quality designs along with protecting our intellectual property rights. Lisences to use the templates are provided to clients in according to terms and conditons outlined in our agreements.
  • Copyright and Trademark Policies: The use of trademark and copyrighted information on our templates is covered by our copyright and trademark policies. This includes ensuring that all content used in templates is properly licenseds or created by Egens Theme and that any third-party materials are used with permission and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

User Responsibilities

Users must follow our rules and make sure that they utilize our templates ethically and legally in a responsible manner. This includes the following terms and conditions we offered and maintained for the integretiy of the template.

  • Usage of Templates: Please use the templates